Emergencies on Shabbos (OHSS or Ectopics l’a)

If you are at risk for certain conditions (OHSS or ectopics l’a), find out from your doctor before shabbos under what conditions you should go to the hospital.

Ask your Rav before Shabbos, under what conditions can your husband go with you to the hospital. Find out ways to minimize chillul Shabbos from your Rav. Also, please find out if you are discharged on Shabbos, whether you and/or your husband are permitted to go back home (especially if going back home involves chillul Shabbos such as driving or being driven etc).

Have your doctor’s emergency line on speed dial to minimize chillul Shabbos.

Enter the ER’s address into Uber before Shabbos to minimize chillul Shabbos.

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