Purpose of the Website

Infertility is emotionally and physically painful. I wanted to create something meaningful from my many painful years of infertility. While cycling at different centers, I have met many Orthodox Jewish women who weren’t aware of some of the Halachic issues that arise during fertility treatment (such as intrauterine insemination  (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF)). Unfortunately, these women were nichshal in some of these areas by accident. Over my years of IVF cycles, I learned that besides for the halachic issues of the procedures, many halachic problems with Shabbos and Niddah also arise. Frum women are not necessary aware of these halachic problems that occur during an IVF or IUI cycle. In order to aid other frum women suffering from infertility, I decided to create a blog to alert other women of halachic sheilos that may arise during infertility treatment. This will allow one to have an informed conversation with one’s rabbi and doctor (hopefully prior to finding oneself in the situation). May Hashem grant us all

זַרְעָא חַיָּא וְקַיָּמָא זַרְעָא דִּי לָא יִפְסוק וְדִי לָא יִבְטול מִפִּתְגָּמֵי אורַיְתָא

בנים ובני בנים חכמים ונבונים אוהבי ה’ יראי אלקים אנשי אמת זרע קדש בה’ דבקים ומאירים את העולם
. בתורה ובמעשים טובים ובכל מלאכת עבודת הבורא

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